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Widemouth Bay

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  • Widemouth Bay

    These were taken in Widemouth Bay, near Bude, Cornwall a couple of weeks ago. Colours are not quite right I know - comments welcome!

    Taken with E-P3 and 20mm f1.7

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    Re: Widemouth Bay

    Hi greeng,

    I like the look of the location. I think sometimes though it's not so easy to capture the whole scene and I think the first shot may have been better if it included the bay, but that may have meant losing some of the foreground which I like.



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      Re: Widemouth Bay

      Thanks for comment Amanda - Widemouth Bay is indeed a lovely place, as is so much of North Cormwall.

      Now you've pointed out that more of the bay would be better, I'm sure you're right. The fact that there is so much foreground grass is probably a sad reflection on how scared I was to get too close to the edge!

      So, possibly with the same problem again, here's more of the bay:

      Maybe I need to just stay on the beach!

      Here's another part of the same coast, at Tintagel:

      All comment appreiciated - many thanks.


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        Re: Widemouth Bay

        Somewhere in this photo is an incongruous bungalow that used to have a wireless mast behind it.
        This was and possibly still is the landing station for the CANTAT2/TAT8 submarine telephone cables.CANTAT2 was a co-axial cable to Canada using FDM technology and TAT8 was the first Fibre-optic cable to the US using TDM.
        Neither of these are still in service but I believe there are a couple of other subsea systems here now.
        I used to have to visit this station every now and again when I worked for BT as a transmission support engineer.
        Many a pint was sunk at the Widimouth Manor on our visits.

        Thanks for the reminder.
        All the best

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          Re: Widemouth Bay

          Hi greeng,

          I like these two. Both show the rugged character of North Cornwall, and remind me of family holidays when I was younger.

          Yes, I know that feeling off being too close to the edge, and it's not always worth risking life and limb. When we visited Yosemite, Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon National Parks a few years ago there was always people with their tripods perched as close to the edge as they could possibly get! Mad!