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Black issues - noise/underexposed

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  • Black issues - noise/underexposed

    Hi all,

    really after a bit of advice - just back from a short break in Paris. One evening had this great sunset, so took a few photos. Looked fine on the lcd screen (on an E1, as they do), but back to the computer there are some underexposure issues. I've noticed this with other photos, and am wondering what it is, how to improve, etc.

    The histogram is clipping at the left side (black) so I imagine it's due to this, i.e. the dynamic range of the camera can't cover what I'm wanting to take. Would filters help, perhaps a 0.6 natural density grad filter, so I can expose better for both the sunset and bridge?


    camera: E1
    lens: zuiko digitial 50m f2
    colour space: adobe rgb
    white balance auto: (appears to be 5300k)
    iso: 400
    metering: esp

    Any advice would be really appreciated.



    PS How do I insert a higher quality resolution - I've only got a thumbnail...
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    Re: Black issues - noise/underexposed

    It looks like the whole image is underexposed, which makes the dark area very dark and almost unrecoverable. Even the sky looks a bit dark.

    I would normally use centre weighting metering for this kind of shot (but then I use CW metering all the time anyway) and make the camera meter half sky and half shadow. This is a compromise that will give you the best shot at this kind of scene.

    I wouldn't like to guess how ESP would meter a scene like this...

    As to graduated ND: Yes - absolutely a solution for this problem

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      Re: Black issues - noise/underexposed

      Thanks Pete,

      that's v. useful - I had a couple of other shots with different exposures, though the sky seems quite clipped on these.

      As is the way, I did have a gradient filter with me, but back in the hotel room

      I found this after a little search, which seems useful regarding metering on the E1




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        Re: Black issues - noise/underexposed

        Originally posted by tenzan View Post

        PS How do I insert a higher quality resolution - I've only got a thumbnail...
        There's a link to a video tutorial on the right hand side of the home page.


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          Re: Black issues - noise/underexposed

          Hi all,

          here's a larger version, same issues of course

          A friend of mine suggested to take two exposures, one for the bridge, one for the sky and combine the two.

          I'll try and post a few more properly exposed shots.




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            Re: Black issues - noise/underexposed

            Or - could just say it's a silhouette! I rather like the dark mood, but if a lighter overall image is what you want you can use a 0.6 soft ND grad during exposure. Did you shoot RAW? The RAW converter in PS has a gradient filter that allows you to lighten selectively. Worked wonders for several photos I though were beyond help.


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              Re: Black issues - noise/underexposed

              I'm feeling a bit simple : the photo looks fine to me.


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                Re: Black issues - noise/underexposed

                except for the boat in the foreground & the crane in the background I think it looks fine.

                The french flag sets the scene quite well too.
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