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Critters on my strawberries

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  • Critters on my strawberries

    Spotted these ugly brutes lurking on my strawberries. Subsequently identified as Harlequin Ladybird Larvae - good news they may deal with my whitefly problem. In fact this fella seems to have collected one on it's spines.

    I then spotted this jumping Zebra spider on an unripe strawb - it is tiny, as you can see relative to the strawb, but it manages to jump about a foot when alarmed!

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    Re: Critters on my strawberries

    You are correct with your identification, these are harlequin larvae and they are ferocious eaters of insects. Alas they also pick off the larvae/eggs of other ladybird species.

    Nice capture.

    Nick Temple-Fry

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      Re: Critters on my strawberries

      I've never seen ladybird larvae, or at least not knowing what they were.

      Nice shots, and I hope you enjoy the strawberries.

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