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Grand Turk visits Whitby

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  • Grand Turk visits Whitby

    Moving away from wildlife, I was surprised in seeing a sailing ship moored up at Whitby. It was open for tours but not until 10.30am. Having to leave Whitby for York before 9am I had to give the interior a miss. I would have loved to take photos on board (no restriction notices).

    Here are a few exterior views:

    I was told that this ship was for sale. Quick check in my piggy bank and I decided I couldn't afford it. I don't think I could have even afforded the moorage costs for a week.


    PS For those wanting further info see
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    Re: Grand Turk visits Whitby

    Hi Peter

    Nice shots, the colours in the boat look excellent, really vivid.

    It reminds me of one of the ships from Pirates of the Carribean
    The second shot maybe could be doing with a tiny straighten so that the masts are vertical? just my wee opinion though, others will prob disagree.

    Shame you missed out on the interior, would have been good to see inside it

    Really like your shots

    ps have you put the lottery on, you might be able to buy it if your numbers come up tonight


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      Re: Grand Turk visits Whitby

      Thanks Susan

      I have added a link (by editing the original submission) if you are interested in the background to this ship.

      I agree with you, I should have straightened up the shot.



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        Re: Grand Turk visits Whitby

        Thanks for the link Peter, going to have a wee read now