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At Benhaddou

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  • At Benhaddou

    Not very arty, but I hoe you enjoy anyway

    At Benhaddou is a well known Kasbah hot on the tourist trail as it's been the filming location in Lawrence of Arabia and The Man Who Would Be King if you're an old timer or The Mummy and Gladiator if you're not

    The hardest part of taking a 1/2 decent picture at this place is getting no tourists in the picture.. I have to admit that photoshop removed a few offending aticles in these pictures...

    The approach is across the river... this would be a great place to take a picture if the water was higher

    Of course one way to get people out of your pictures is to take close up shots ...

    That last one is the top of a wall. it amuses me that a few bamboo stems and some mud is all you need to keep a wall in good working order for hundreds of years. Morocco proved the old adage of building that if you keep it's head and feed dry then it will stand for ever in so many ways in their buildings

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    Re: At Benhaddou

    Phew. More excellent pictures! You must be pleased with these..

    Look, I'm an old man. I shouldn't be expected to put up with this.

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      Re: At Benhaddou

      Hi Andy,
      I reckon that it must also have been difficult in the bright sunlight, looks like it could have been the middle of the day. I like close up pics too, I tend to gravitate towards detail, so I particularly like No 4. Had you considered a crop to NO 1 to make it a letterbox? I am not sure that the bottom half really adds anything, although I realise you were probably after the reflection.
      They look like a good record of your trip.