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Very Cheap Gigabit NAS

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  • Very Cheap Gigabit NAS

    Just thought that I would let other members know, that Evesham are selling off all of EOL NAS boxes.

    I have purchased three units. Make an offer for 70. I have mine accepted. P&P is 9.99

    The unit takes two SATA disks. It is an OEM version of the Thecus N2100 NAS box. Http:// or

    You can trick the unit and upgrade it to the latest 2.1.06 firmware from Thecus.

    The are small, quiet and very fast. They can also be modified to run additional software.

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    Re: Very Cheap Gigabit NAS

    I see the description says "up to 500Gb" disks

    I've asked them what is in them and would be interested to hear what you got so I can see if there is a difference

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      Re: Very Cheap Gigabit NAS

      I have two 500Gb drives in three of the units. If you want to use larger disks, then you may need to purchased a more powerful external PSU.

      By setting two 500Gb drives as RAID1 (Mirror), you can have fairly fast networked storage.

      Also, they are quite quiet, and do not use much electricity.

      You will need modify the unit to load to load the latest Thecus firmware.

      I have Squid proxy server, and several other tools running on my modified system. I also upgraded the memory from 128Mb to 512MB.

      Please note that is is not a backup solution. You still need to backup your data, and store it off site. But its a start.