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Elite Videos E-3 Training DVD`s

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  • Elite Videos E-3 Training DVD`s

    Has anyone watched these or own them ? I was wondering if they were worth purchasing ? Only seem to be able to buy them from the USA.
    Regards James.

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    Re: Elite Videos E-3 Training DVD`s

    From what I've seen you are far better off learning the functions of the camera from the manual and techniques by watching


    Asking questions on this forum

    and reading "Tips" such as


    We often repeat the mistakes we most enjoy...


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      Re: Elite Videos E-3 Training DVD`s

      The one I had for an E500 was a waste of time. Thought it would be more in depth Just covered the basic settings and did not really add to what I all ready knew from my 35mm days.
      Having said that I can't remember who produced it but it did originate from the U.S. so might not be as good as the one you are thinking about.

      As the post above you can learn a lot of the web.

      "Photography is about the ability to see and capture a moment in time. At some point in this process the photographer ends and the camera begins"