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"Proper Camera"

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  • "Proper Camera"

    While we were down at Minehead we were at a big indoor event* with rock band, mega PA, big stage, lighting, video team and maybe 4000 other folks.. I thought I would try to get a panorama with my E400 and 14-42: Handheld, no flash. Discreet approach using my smallest lightest camera..

    A nice man in a yellow stewards jacket approached me and asked if I had a Photo Pass. Nope. "Then we can't allow you to take pictures with a *Proper Camera*. We can't stop all these guys using their phone cameras, but we've been asked to stop photographers with Proper Cameras"

    So. No picture from the event apart from the 3 shot panorama I took with my Nokia. Its so disgusting I won't show it here :-) All this ignores the continuous flash popping from all the P+S cameras being held aloft.

    Ah well. I forgive him. But its nice to know the humble E400 is in fact a Proper Camera.


    *Spring Harvest - the annual 3 week Christian thing at Butlins in minehead and Skeggie
    Look, I'm an old man. I shouldn't be expected to put up with this.

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    Re: "Proper Camera"

    I used to carry a nice little olympus as my backup camera, C-750 I think it was called, 4mp and 10x zoom, very capable little camera and also used often when a dSLR would have gathered unwanted attantion :-)


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      Re: "Proper Camera"

      Let's hope the silent and unobtrustive Micro 4/3, when Oly produce it, will be deemed an improper camera.


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        Re: "Proper Camera"

        I use a little Ricoh GR-1 film compact for my seaside project, because it looks well just like a little compact camera. The last thing I want to look like is a photographer.


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          Re: "Proper Camera"

          You should have taken a G9 - blacked out and in silent mode - lovely


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            Re: "Proper Camera"

            I ran into the same problem last Christmas while photographing the decorations in a mall here in Goi‚nia, Bazil.
            A lot of compacts, no problems, but with the E410 and 11-22mm.....
            At those times I speak english only, they don't understand it anyway.
            Got my shots, though......