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The topic to inspire your creative juices this month is BOXES Please don't forget to vote on November's LEAVES challenge and please re-vote if you already did but before the recent forum upgrade.

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  • Gas

    Talking to a mate of mine, a good lad even though he is F**I user.
    He was telling me about the medium format that they have introduced. (theres a laugh, I remember when 2 1/4 sq was considered miniature.)
    Anyway, he was saying how big the sensor was ETC, and we were both agreeing that for us amateurs, it is not about sensor size.
    I was saying how I had held the EM 1X but thought it too big, but as certain togs are using it, I want one, and he agreed, it's all about, GAS. Or as another mate said to me once, Stash Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy, or, STABLE. A modellers term apparently.