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  • Photocr**d

    Why O why do I keep getting drawn into Photocrud!!

    OK there are some nice photos that win and photographers that are well deserved winners but blow me down there is some stuff that for the life of me cannot see WHY!!

    and don't get me started on some of the high scoring HDR rubbish that gets posted no offence if you like them but there not for me (I have tried a few subtle ones but not convinced they add anything)

    slight rant over (now what contests are there this week that I can litter the website up with!!)

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    Re: Photocr**d

    I assume you mean Photocrowd?

    I had never looked at it before I saw this post. I can't see any great reason why I would want to look again!

    I stick to Flickr. Total lack of contests there.
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      Mark Johnson

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        Re: Photocr**d

        Never heard of it or seen it before. Cant really see anything that grinds my gears though. Some crap shots by many I’d be happy with!


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          Re: Photocr**d

          I don't do photo competitions, it is not a competitive sport. That's what I like about Flickr, it's a great place to post and simply enjoy works of others.
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