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In Trouble!

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  • In Trouble!

    Right, I think I'm in trouble....

    Daughter Riley Rose (age 4) said to me this afternoon, "Daddy, what's specular refraction?"

    Seriously, she did....Eh? What? Erm?

    Of course I was able to answer her in full (after a sneaky Google.)

    "Well, I'm glad you asked that, baby. Specular refraction is the mirror-like reflection of waves, such as light, from a surface. In this process, each incident ray is reflected at the same angle to the surface normal as the incident ray, but on the opposing side of the surface normal in the plane formed by incident and reflected rays. The result is that an image reflected by the surface is reproduced in specular fashion."

    I think that sated her curiosity.... apparently she heard it on a program during the week!

    How smart are we Dads? [emoji2]

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    Re: In Trouble!

    Originally posted by DekHog View Post
    How smart are we Dads? [emoji2]
    In cases like this, Dads are only smart until the kids find out how to Google


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      Re: In Trouble!

      Originally posted by Keith-369 View Post
      In cases like this, Dads are only smart until the kids find out how to Google
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        Re: In Trouble!

        Reminds me of an old joke about two five year olds. One says, " I found a condom behind a radiator yesterday." The other replies, "What's a radiator?"

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          Re: In Trouble!

          Just wait till they start "asking" Alexa, Cortana, Google etc. Who knows what they will learn.
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            Re: In Trouble!

            Originally posted by OM USer View Post
            Just wait till they start "asking" Alexa, Cortana, Google etc. Who knows what they will learn.
            There was a very funny clip on (I think) the latest episode of Frankie Boyle's New World Order where some little kid asks Alexa a question which is interpreted as asking for her to read out the last set of search terms she was given.

            Ever so nicely she reads out a series of porn video words, and Dad goes very red and rushes to switch her off...


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              Re: In Trouble!

              It is frightening what young children pick up from adults and even understand some of it.

              When our son was eight or nine years old he was told off at school for using a computer that the class had been told not to use because it wasn't printing and the internet wasn't working. He then proudly told the Head Teacher that it was now working, and explained that it hadn't been configured to use TCP/IP.

              Thankfully he didn't tick the box to use the PC as a DHCP server.

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