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  • What I have been up to recently

    I'm still waiting for my part-ex deal to go through so that I can get my Oly macro kit sorted but in the meantime I've been playing with both the nikon1 V2 + 70-300CX at the Hawk Conservancy and have just finished 7 hours of studio work over the last two days, using the fz1000 + cactus "flash on a stick" system.

    I must say I am mightily impressed with both, the longest shoot was in a professional studio shooting a "Black Swan" story board (4 hours job that) and today was a 3 hour paid shoot using my home studio gear, producing some publicity shots for a friend who is developing a second career as a cabaret singer (so I was serenaded with blues, jazz and ballads throughout - what a treat )

    If you are interested in having a peek at what this set-up has produced so far (several hundred more to edit / ditch) they are here

    and here

    Hope to be back with the Oly macro work next week , all being well

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    Re: What I have been up to recently


    Both sets are impressive.