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Camera Society or Camera Club?

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  • Camera Society or Camera Club?

    I spotted this in another thread.

    Originally posted by Graham_of_Rainham

    I'm so pleased I joined a Photographic Society rather than a Camera Club.
    I wonder what the difference is
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    Re: Camera Society or Camera Club?

    Originally posted by Ellie View Post
    I spotted this in another thread.

    I wonder what the difference is
    A Photographic Society, if it properly lives up to its name, will concentrate on pictures rather than equipment whereas a Camera Club by definition is more likely to revolve around the equipment used to take photographs rather than the images themselves.

    Of course, whatever the title of the organisation it's value and success depends entirely upon the members. I'm sure there are good Camera Clubs and bad Photographic Societies - and vice versa, but what Graham says is true in that the clue is often in the title of the organisation.

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      Re: Camera Society or Camera Club?

      I would interpret it as
      A Club - any one can join by attending or paying a membership fee.

      A Society - an organisation that requires defined standards of skill to achieve different levels of membership - eg Licentiate, Junior Member, Associate Member, Member, etc leading up to the equivalent of "Big Cheese".

      To advance to higher levels of membership requires passing tests and paying even more money for the "privilege" of being tested by others.

      The testers were originally self appointed and are now motivated to make their position as exalted as possible by ensuring that it is more difficult for new members to climb the membership ladder.

      All said slightly tongue in cheek
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        Re: Camera Society or Camera Club?

        Thanks, I hadn't thought to see the obvious difference in the names.

        Interestingly, the one nearest to me calls itself a "Camera Group" and is affiliated to the Southern Photographic Federation
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          Re: Camera Society or Camera Club?

          I belong to a Photographic Society, that has its attention firmly on the end result, be it Prints, Digital Images and Slides (yes we still do that)

          My original comment was, I have to admit, a bit of a swipe at the focus that is placed on the equipment rather than the resulting image. But this forum is about the equipment, so I was a little bit in the wrong there.

          Each Year, The East Anglian Federation of Photographic Societies publishes a Club Directory in which it's roughly 50/50 between PS and CC so the name is fairly unimportant. Having visited a few they each have their own emphasis on activities and their programme reflects this, with some having more "equipment" evenings than others.

          I love discussing the technical aspects of cameras and all the associated technology that goes to producing that final image in whatever format that may be.

          I also enter Prints, Digital Images and slides into competitions and get great satisfaction from that.

          What I fail to understand is why it's felt necessary to know what camera produced what image. I want to know about the exposure, lens, filters, and all the other useful info., but I don't give a hoot as to what make of camera produced the image.

          This was most noticable to me at the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition where every image was captioned with camera manufacturers details. It's the same with all the magazines.

          I accept that I should simply ignor it and just enjoy the pictures but it's one of those silly little things that I find annoying. Hence the original comment.

          Anyway, this is yet another great example of what makes this such a good forum.


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