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Five years

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  • Five years

    I noticed this: I have been a forum member for five years now (and so few posts to show for it!)

    I started with an E-1, 14-45mm and 50-200mm

    I moved through: E330, E420, E520, E-P1, 14-42mm

    I now have: E3, 8mm, 12-60mm, 40-150mm, 50-200 SWD + G3 and 17mm, 14-42mm

    I bought the E3 for the bigger screen than the E-1, 10mp and to take a photo of a puffin at Skomer Island.

    How long have you been here, what have you owned and what is your favourite photo?

    Bodies: E3, E-P1
    Lenses: 8mm, 14-42mm, 12-60mm, 50-200mm

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    Re: Five years

    hi five years with oly equipment, wow an excellent classic puffing shot and perfect exposure.

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      Re: Five years

      I wonder what percentage of members are still here from 5 years ago.
      It's the image that's important, not the tools used to make it.

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        Re: Five years

        Joined November 2007 with an E-400. I'm still here but now with an E-5.


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          Re: Five years

          Joined five years ago.
          Started with E-300, then E1, then E330, then E3, then E5, now got E-5, OM-D. Still got my old E-300 but moving to micro four thirds gradually.


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            Re: Five years

            Joined five years ago, started started with a E-1 and E-500 then E-510, E-420, E-30 and E-620. Gave up on the 4/3 E-system 6 months ago

            Now I have a Olympus mtf E-PL3 and 14-42, 40-150 and 45mm and also a Pentax K-30 and assorted lenses. Will upgrade the E-PL3 at some time and then what I have provides all the IQ quality I need and will probably out last me.
            Regards Paul.
            One day I hope to be the person my dogs think I am.



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              Re: Five years

              Paul I couldn't agree more with your statement.

              "Always shoot in RAW and avoid JPEGs"

              William Shakespeare.


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                Re: Five years

                I shot the OM system for 3 decades with brief forays into Leica R, Canon FD and Nikon AF territory.

                Got an E-1, 14-54 and 50-200 in 2005 and wasn't impressed so continued shooting film. In 2006 I tried a Canon outfit, 2 bodies and several lenses including 2 L zooms. Again I went back to film but with more respect for the E-1 and HG lenses.

                In 2007 I got the E-410 and 2 kit lenses. After testing it (and the kit paying for itself with the fourth shot I took with it) I sold my E-1 and HG lenses. Later added an E-3, 12-60 and 50-200SWD for the dust and weather sealing as some of my commercial work is in very dusty or wet and muddy conditions.
                It's the image that's important, not the tools used to make it.

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                  Re: Five years

                  Been here since 2008, when I upgraded from a Canon 5D to an E-510. Never looked back! It's great not having to clean sensors or edit out dust bunnies.

                  A camera takes a picture. A photographer makes a picture

                  Fuji X system, + Leica and Bronica film

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                    Re: Five years

                    Streuth, me too - first post 19th December 2007. Doesn't time fly!

                    At that time I had an E-3+E-1, then traded the E-3 for an E-5 then the weight got to me so I'm now m4/3.

                    Looking at the E-3 shots, the E-M5 seems loads better, particularly in low light - but the lenses aren't really there yet. I can see the E-M5 lasting until it or me drops to pieces. It feels like one of those "E-1" cameras that you just want to keep.

                    m4/3: E-P2, EM-5, 100-300, 14-42mm 12-50mm, 45mm, panny 14mm. 4/3: 7-14 + Flashes & tripods & stuff

                    "Take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints".

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                      Re: Five years

                      I've been here almost five years. I started using OM cameras in about 1980 starting with an OM-10 and progressing through an OM1n, 2 x OM2ns, an OM3 and an OM4 plus a range of prime lenses.

                      I bought an E-1 + 14-45 kit and OM adaptor in 2006 so I could use the OM lenses and have gradually accumulated an E-3 and an E-5 plus 8mm FE, 7-14mm, 11-22mm, 14-54mm (traded the 14-45mm for that), 35mm macro, 50mm macro, 50-200mm, EC-14 and EC-20 plus flash equipment. A lot of the kit has been second-hand or bought in fire sales, e.g. the 8mm for about 350 new at Curry's

                      All three bodies have grips as I have very large hands and struggle with something like an E-420. That is my main worry regarding mFT cameras, they are too diddy




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                        Re: Five years

                        Feb 2008, so coming up to 5 years: (ooh - and over 6000 posts now!)

                        My journey?

                        E400 kit - nice small camera and my intro to Oly DSLRs. Sold to buy...
                        ... a E510. Mmm, better than the '400'. Eventually sold to buy..
                        ... a E620 and 600. Nicer to use than the 510, but I don't think the pictures were any better.
                        Interlude. bought a E-1: Aaah. The Angel's knickers. Couldn't resist it.
                        Sold the 600 to buy E-PL3 cos I got tired of waiting for the fabled digital OM.
                        Sold the E620 to pre-order the E-M5. Finally, the Oly DSLR I was waiting for. Excellent camera. Better than all the above IMHO.

                        Favourite picture?

                        Well, this was taken with the E-1 and the Zuiko 50mm macro. Classic camera, excellent lens, lovely colours - In my humble opinion.

                        Look, I'm an old man. I shouldn't be expected to put up with this.

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                          Re: Five years

                          Like Pete I've been here almost five years (joined January 2008).....

                          My camera history in that time:-
                          Oly E-510 with 14-42 and 40-150 kit lenses prior to joining E-Group UK, I then added the 12-60, 50-200 and 50 f/2.

                          In early 2009 I decided to change brands to Pentax, initially with the K20D followed by the K7 with D* lenses plus some FA and Ltd primes.

                          Just over a year later I was back with Oly kit again, this time an E-30 with 12-60, 50-200 and the 50 f/2. I then added the 7-14 f/4, EC-14 and EC-20. The E-30 was then old in favour of the E-5 and I added another new E-510 and 14-54 Mk2 as a backup.
                          My first foray into m4/3rds was with the E-PL2, now owned by my eldest daughter.

                          Recently sold all my 4/3rds kit in favour of a high quality, light weight, all weather solution courtesy of the E-M5 and Panasonic zooms and Oly primes.

                          My favourite image, taken with the E-510 and 12-60
                          Regards Huw

                          Olympus equipment
                          Capture One Pro
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                            Re: Five years

                            I'm a relative newby here, joined just over 18 months ago. I got my E510 around 2009 and I can't believe it took me so long to find this brilliant forum. To date I've stuck stubornly to the 510 although I did have a brief flirt with a 620 for a while but just didn't gell with it somehow. In the last 18 mths I've noted quite a tide of people migrating to the m4/3 system and with the EM5 I've been very tempted myself as I love the thought of high quality in a small package. So where next ...? just waiting for the next few Oly anouncements for now.

                            Fantastic frosty shot by the way Huw. As that's what an E510 can do then I've plenty of room to improve so no rush to upgrade yet.


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                              I joined on 22nd Nov 2007. Switched from Pentax film because their cameras were pretty awful at the time. Got my E 500 twin lens kit for Christmas 2005, since then gone to E620 and on to OMD. Jim
                              (My Travels in Aus & NZ)