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New Laptop

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  • New Laptop

    Well after weeks and weeks of debate and umming and arrrring..(is that the right spelling) i took the plunge last Sunday on a visit to John Lewis and bought a new Samsung laptop on offer....seems to have everything I need, but windows 8 is taking a bit of time to get my head around...being over 60 just as you get used to one system another comes along and off you go again on a learning curve.
    Now downloading all my music from the old desktop, all my pictures are being loaded onto my external hard drive, and then I will copy Photoshop over as well..then I might be able to get online again with some pictures !!

    Anyone now using Windows 8 ....any tips ???


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    Re: New Laptop

    Originally posted by Rocknroll59 View Post
    Anyone now using Windows 8 ....any tips ???
    If you prefer to retain the look & feel of Windows7 (or Vista, or XP, etc.) on your W8 computer you could download Classic Shell - which is widely recommended. More details here: