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DSLR's Banned From Tube Stations

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  • DSLR's Banned From Tube Stations

    Just seen this on Twitter!

    some interesting suggestions about m4/3rds in the comments section. However I took the EP3 to the British Military Tournament last Friday and was not allowed in (had to leave the camera in the cloak room). They had decided that all removable lens cameras were prohibited. They were, however, allowing fixed lens compacts, bridge cameras and some rather large camcorders!

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    Re: DSLR's Banned From Tube Stations

    Depressing foolish stuff. Difficult to know where to start in criticising such a move.


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      Whether size does truly matter though I scored well at the recent club competition with a shot taken at London Bridge underground using an XZ-1, and I was blown away by the quality of a friend's print of Canary Wharf shot with a Canon G12.

      Week 34 - Work by morganthecat, on Flickr

      Canary Wharf Underground Entrance by Richard Brown 56, on Flickr

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        Re: DSLR's Banned From Tube Stations

        Yes, you should be able to take your DSLR into operational tube stations though I would prefer to take a Pen into potentially confined conditions.