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Is your camera a fake?

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  • Is your camera a fake?

    I've just been watching a program about counterfeit goods. There was even an example of Tescos inadventantly selling cheap German plonk which was labled as a much more expesive French wine!

    That got me thinking. Imagine you bought an E-5 which was really a Canon in disguise; if you didn't notice, you'd put the poor results down to your own ability as a photographer. It might only be when you sent the camera back to Olympus because the dust reduction wasn't working that the truth was revealed!

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    Re: Is your camera a fake?

    I do recall hearing a story like this many moons ago about someone who bought a DSLR and found it wasn't working properly, sent it to be serviced and found the internals didn't match the body...

    but I can't remember where I read/heard it so it could just be my twisted imagination!
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