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Weather report

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    Re: Weather report

    As a couple of people have mentioned, theres nothing but frost (-10C our thermometer read this morning)
    I went to Skegness to visit my mum over the weekend, keeping my fingers crossed that we didnt get snow over there, fortunately they had less than 1", so the roads werent too bad.

    The weather reports seem to change hour by hour as to whether we will get snow here in Nottingham overnight... I hope we dont.
    Tracey Jones

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      Re: Weather report

      Originally posted by Gazza_DJ View Post
      Nothing wrong with the G11 - its a fantastic camera.

      Well, tomorrow I am driving 200 miles across the country in a mid engined car with T1R's round the wheels. I shall try to not die.
      Good news everyone - I didnt die!


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        Re: Weather report

        Originally posted by Gazza_DJ View Post
        Good news everyone - I didnt die!
        Excellent .. good to hear that you will be around for the Picture of the Year 2010 (Hint!)

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          Re: Weather report

          I have no pictures right now, I am at home and my desktop is at uni! Will have a look when I get back to uni in Jan.


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            Re: Weather report

            Reading this prompted me to take my car to the main dealers for an antifreeze check, just to make sure.

            I had no appointment, but they checked it for me within minutes free of charge. Luckily my '07 Honda CRV is protected down to -31c. Should be alright tonight then!

            Originally posted by Ian View Post
            Our 'new' (07) Mazda 6 threw its serpentine (ancillary) belt yesterday morning when I tried to start it - looks like the water pump was frozen.

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