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Dove fell out of sky

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  • Dove fell out of sky


    I know there are a few birds and animal lovers here and people who know a thing or two about them, so does anyone know why a collared dove would fall out of the sky, hit an open downstairs window, and be dead on the ground? My first thought was a heart attack, but could a bird of prey have been involved? There are no obvious signs of injury, (but I expect some broken bones from the fall). At first I thought it fell off the roof, but it could have just fell from the sky (we didn't see it happen but heard it).


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    Re: Dove fell out of sky

    I suspect it didn't fall from the sky, but flew into your window

    from some angles they will see a reflection of sky and not realise that there is a window there. We've had them hit our patio doors quite a few times and in the main get up again after a while, but I've had a couple of poor sparrows to deal with before next door's cat got to them

    If this has happened you may have a "dust angel" on your window which shows that the wings were open when it hit

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      Re: Dove fell out of sky


      Thanks for your reply. The window is only a small window in an enclosed corner by the garage. The window was open but it is one of those double glazed units that opens at an angle. At that time of the day that side of the house is always in shade, with the sun on the other side of the house. If I remember correctly there was no blue sky yesterday, it was overcast and cloudy, with rain. Today when standing in the garden you can see a bit of blue sky in the window, but as you get higher (my OH stood on the garage roof to try to replicate the angle the bird would've seen it) you can see only reflections from inside the house.

      I don't know what the sound would've been if the dove had flown in to the window, but my OH was in the kitchen at the time and describes it as a dull thud. There are no wing marks on the glass, there are hardly any marks at all (needs cleaning anyway!).

      Thanks again