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4/3 50-200/ec14/mmf3

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  • For sale 4/3 50-200/ec14/mmf3

    I bought this kit off Chriscx500 back in February, but I'm just not using it. It's in very good nick but heavy for my purposes, plus I hardly do any telephoto work these days. Plus I need the money for a new monitor!

    50-200 complete with hood & collar.
    Boxed MMF3
    EC-14 converter
    And I'll throw in a soft case that holds lens + adapters but not the hood & collar.

    Happy to sell for 450 inc RMSD, which is less than I paid but it is all a bit older.

    Note - I'm not prepared to split this lot up.

    m4/3: E-P2, EM-5, 100-300, 14-42mm 12-50mm, 45mm, panny 14mm. 4/3: 7-14 + Flashes & tripods & stuff

    "Take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints".

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