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For Sale: More networks bits

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  • For Sale: More networks bits

    I have some used, but working network equipment for sale.

    2x Dell 2716 16port gigabit switch L2 with optional basic management (VLAN .1q and port) @ each

    2x Linksys RVL-200 SSL-VPN router (VLAN .1q and port), qos, 1x IPSEC tunnel and 5xSSL-VPN tunnels) 1x10/100 WAN and 4x10/100 LAN @ each

    1x 3COM Dual Wifi Access Point. 1x 5G & 1x2.4G Wifi 8.2.11a/b/g. Power over Ethernet, 3COM 802.11af supplied. Multi SSID and VLAN (.1q trunk) supported. WPA & WPA2. @

    1x 3COM 802.11af (POE injector) @

    1x Maxtor Personal Storage 3200 500GB USB2 External HDD. The unit will power down the disks when not in use (without software) @

    1x Compaq T2400 2400VA UPS. 1600Watts with 30-60mins runtime (subject to load). Serial port management, supplied with cable and software. Batteries replaced 18 months ago. Very very heavy as it contains 3-4 large sealed batteries. Inverter and batteries are in separate units. 9 power connector ports. Online and line interactive (boosts and reduces power as needed). Unit is worn and has marks on the outside, but fully works. This is a serious bit of kit. @

    No printed manuals will be supplied, however where appropriate a CD/DVD will be supplied with drivers and/or manuals.

    P&P will be extra, however some items cannot be posted (UPS)

    I am willing to accept a for the complete lot.

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    Re: For Sale: More networks bits

    Hello John

    Interested in the Maxtor 500Gb HDD - does it have to be networked, or can it just be used with a USB? I'd like a 2nd external HDD to provide a back up to my main external drive, but I have no idea at all about to set up or maintain a network
    Hugh of Bardfield
    Essex, UK


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      Re: For Sale: More networks bits

      The 500GB maxtor is USB(2) only. Just plug it into a machine and it should work.

      Although the unit fully works, I always suggest backing up data to cd/dvd.


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        Re: For Sale: More networks bits

        One of the RVL-200 SSL VPN units has been reserved.