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Olympus OMD EM5 Body for sale

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  • Olympus OMD EM5 Body for sale
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    Re: Olympus OMD EM5 Body for sale

    Call me cynical, but
    Originally posted by timclarkih View Post
    Shouldn't you be selling it for what you just paid for it?
    Originally posted by delaneyb View Post
    OMD E-M5 black boxed 4000 shots £350 SOLD
    I guess if there weren't any rules here ...


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      Re: Olympus OMD EM5 Body for sale

      Thats an ok opinion, but when you buy a house you don't sell it for what you paid for it. Why does buying a camera have to have rules. The seller was given info that the camera could get a higher price. I have not hidden the fact that it was bought from this forum.
      I made a fair purchase on a very well priced item which would go for this price in a decent camera store. If others missed this opportunity then they still may want this camera at this asking price. The shutter count is actually 2071 now.


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        Re: Olympus OMD EM5 Body for sale

        Yes, agreed,
        but if you only had the m4/3rds forum ForSale post that would make sense.
        Posting the same item here doesn't make sense ... in my opinion.

        TalkPhotography forum has a strict no-profiteering rule in place for this very reason.

        I might be out of order, I haven't heard back from the boss here.


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          Re: Olympus OMD EM5 Body for sale

          No, not really out of order. If I just went to the other classified site then I feel I would be hiding something. Using this site again makes full sense to me, to give someone else the opportunity of owning this camera because they may have missed out the first time. We are not TalkPhotography and this is how camera shops work. I just sold my old camera to a camera shop for them to sell it at a higher price. If I sold this on ebay what is the difference?


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            Re: Olympus OMD EM5 Body for sale

            Got to agree with Ulfric, it seems very odd that you only bought it two weeks ago and are now selling it on with a 35% mark up!

            If you are a shop or re-seller then of course that is how you make your living, but I think I am right in saying, you are just a photographer? In which case it feels very wrong to me.

            If, you have suddenly run out of funds, then that makes sense, but feel you should state that and be selling at the same price you bought it for. That way your sale is going to be more credible.

            Just my thoughts.

            Best regards



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              Re: Olympus OMD EM5 Body for sale

              My price was based on what E-M5s had been selling for the past 2 weeks on eBay. There is a glut of them at present, and used dealers are also full of them. I bought it 'lightly used' from eBay a year ago for £500. Personally I think £470 is a bit steep, and I wouldn't have had the cheek to ask for that! I know people said it was a bit low, but I didn't think so, having checked.

              The point of forums like this is to sell stuff to fellow enthusiasts, locally, at a bit less than they would get oneBay, but saving all the fees, so everyone gains.
              The rest of my stuff is now on eBay.


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                Re: Olympus OMD EM5 Body for sale

                I suppose that the price is really up to timclarckih to determine, and up to the members here to decide to buy or not to buy...

                I have bought a few things on here and sold a number of items on here and at what I know was below market value...but still got PM's from some members giving what I thought were derogatory offers!

                Eventually I sold everything and was happy, and I hope the buyers were happy with the price. Nothing I have bought or sold on here has given me any profit, but has given me good use and enjoyment which I hope the buyers will also get.

                I remember last year something similar happening with a member buying and re-selling on here... so buyer beware.

                I'm not criticising anyone... if you like the price and it ... if not leave it !


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                  Re: Olympus OMD EM5 Body for sale

                  All fair points but the London camera shops are asking a higher price..
                  I don't need to explain my finaces but I can say that I bought that extra body in good faith. I respect bdelany as a photographer, but recently thought I could sell it and buy another Olympus lens or flash from this forum, now I know I'm sticking with micro four thirds.
                  So if someone wants to buy a camera cheaper than the shops then here is a chance. Maybe cheeky asking that price but I'm trying to gauge the reall value, not eBay prices which fluctuate from day to day. That money would go to another purchase for my own use. If the camera is too expensive then offers can can be made. I really can't see the fuss. Ultimately the people on this forum could benefit from me buying more things from them.
                  yes I'm a photographer not retail but to say wanting to sell it 3 weeks later is not credible is nonsense.


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                    Re: Olympus OMD EM5 Body for sale

                    What has certainly been noticed and is certainly indicated in timclarkih's posting record here is that most of timclarkih's activity here is in buying and selling gear. There is no law against selling at a higher price than you bought an item for, but it's not a desirable trend here on this site if the item was purchased from another member, even if it was pointed out that the item could command a higher price.

                    In other words, this site was not intended for exclusive use as a trading point. If you have nothing else to contribute to the site, like showing your photography, talking about photography, helping others or seeking help and generally joining in, without making a profit out of fellow members, then you really aren't using this site in the way it was intended. If you are only interested in trading gear, then I'm afraid we may have to consider your membership of this site.

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                      Re: Olympus OMD EM5 Body for sale

                      I don't have a problem with that opinion but if you look at my selling history you will see I was using Olympus SLRs which I have already stated that I did not like. I had a buying spell to get some gear for a wedding after which turned my back on olympus for a while. I did not partake due to the fact I didn't like what I was coming up with getting nicer results with my Leica Digilux 2.

                      So I've been criticised for not getting into the spirit of the forum but I've given plenty of chances for people to buy gear decent gear at forum prices having lost plenty of money in the process. I'm always curious why forum members sometimes buy brand new kit then sell it. I don't have that luxury and I'm trying to find a set up that I'm happy with. Last summer I bought an EPL2 to see what MFT was all about. After 2 important events and a holiday I felt I could probably upgrade in the new year to an OMD which were going for good prices. So I sell that and the kit lens to get an OMD, and a pancake lens, losing money in the process. That was my choice. I buy the second body and 45mm lens to keep, one for a good knockabout camera. Now I really like the system I figure if I can make a few pounds that could towards
                      a nice flash maybe. That's it really. Ebay fees make me avoid them if I can. I'm happy to partake but I think everyone really is reading too much in to this. Sale ends here but it is up for grabs.
                      Before you look at my profile and think I've given no thanks, I thanked bdelany but I have no feedback from buyers, as I'm sure some of you think I'm probably some kind of camera oligarch. Just trying to get by.


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                          Re: Olympus OMD EM5 Body for sale

                          I'm not going to call anyone cynical. It's your view. For the last time... I think I made it clear that if I made money on this I could buy something else so what new thoughts are you bringing to the debate? I think this has run it's life now.


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                            Re: Olympus OMD EM5 Body for sale

                            No hard feelings. You've explained your rationale. Its a free country. Good luck with the sale.


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                              Re: Olympus OMD EM5 Body for sale

                              No problem, I over stepped the mark, fair enough, will try and contribute more. I'm keeping the camera for the time being but might introduce a friend to MDT... That 45mm lens us a cracker ...