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Using composite for star trails

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  • Using composite for star trails

    Never done this but have seen plenty of superb photos of a scene at night with star trails above.

    When setting up for a composite image, does the base exposure need to be correct for the static area of the photo? Or does this build to?
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    Re: Using composite for star trails

    yes the background exposure needs to be exposed to your liking. I normally do some test frames in manual mode and when I get the balance of exposure I use those settings in the composite setting.

    What composite setting does is take a frame and then another it then compares each pixel to see it the pixel has got brighter if it has it replaces that pixel with the brighter pixel.

    Livetime however builds up the brightness not what you want for star trials.

    Composite is what you want on a tripod and make sure your stars are focused do not rely of the infinity mark on the lens if you have one.

    Good luck

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