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Photoshop for iPad is here

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  • Photoshop for iPad is here

    But try not to get too excited. Most of my Photoshop workflow is missing. Sharpening options are either not there or ingeniously hidden, as is canvas size (simpler way to add a frame, assuming you donít want to lose anything). Still, it was nice to be able to work with adjustment layers (which I prefer when working on an OOC JPEG).

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    Re: Photoshop for iPad is here

    Photoshop for iPad's first incarnation appears to be principally about simple image compositing - all their little tutorials are on that topic .. select, mask, composite together. Options for actual photo editing are much fewer and far between, with a lot of the important stuff still missing. I dare say it may come later, but I'll be continuing to pack the laptop rather than the ipad for my travels for a while yet.

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