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    Re: Continious Bolt

    Originally posted by MJ224 View Post
    Yes thanks for that. I only rarely use PS, but thought I could do the basics. Paul (PDK42) wrote instruction on photo stacking etc which I can use OK.

    I am finding it difficult to use the eraser to cut out the bolt positions before stacking. I would expect a white space where I erased to allow the stack to fill that in. But I am unable to achieve that. You Tube shows erasing techniques for more complex situations, not the simple one. I will keep looking to find those.

    Many thanks for your help............……...
    I recommend you look at a few PS tutorials on using layers to get you up to speed. Here is one

    [ame=""]Layers for Beginners | Photoshop CC Tutorial - YouTube[/ame]

    Deleting something on the top layer is like opening a window to the layer below. It simply lets you see through that part to what's on the next layer below. If that's blue then you will see blue, if green you will see green, if its a copy of the top image you will see no change except if you delete the part in the top image where the bolt has moved to in the next one down then you will see the bolt.

    Terminology is also a minefield as is becoming apparent with some of the replies here. Just having the layers loaded in Photoshop one above the other is not the same as actually stacking them.

    The screen will always show you the final image which can then be flattened to one layer and saved as a jpeg.

    Masks can be used to do the exact same thing but they do add even more complexity to the process.

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