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New Laptop

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  • New Laptop

    Hi All
    I need to get a new computer soon.

    BUDGET 400/450

    What is everyone using Laptops/desktops or tablets?

    I need to be able to run PSE8 and I what a 17" screen (if I get a laptop)

    or just a base unit through a 20" TV/monitor.

    Any recommendations will be appreciated, thank you

    Andy Smith

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    Re: New Laptop

    If you are not interested in the potability of a laptop i.e your not going to be taking your computer for walks. Then it has to be a base unit plenty more power for your bucks.
    Why people buy laptops and then leave them on a desk and never move them is beyond me. Also you will be limeted with specs for your money if you need a 17" screen.



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      Re: New Laptop

      I agree wit Steve entirely - go for a good base unit with the highest spec you can - 400 / 500 is stretching this a bit. I am in the same position and realistically I am looking at 700/ 800 mark. This will buy me either the I3/
      I5 processor,4Gb Ram,1T disk space plus a 1Mb graphics card. I will be running Windows7 plus upgrading from CS3 to CS5

      I do not posess to be IT guru,there may others on here who are - I am just saying that 400/500 is not a lot of money these days.

      Better to over spec now and spend a bit more than find that you trailing behind before you have even started.

      I do hope you find what you want.


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        Re: New Laptop

        I did a 'Which' search and ended up with an ASPIRE 7740 very good and does all I want for about 500



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          Re: New Laptop

          Being a retired "Techie in computers" I take note of who the other Techies buy in Laptops, "Toshiba" ! because they are noted for fewer problems. Having said that, I have probably used the Laptop about 10 times this year, so I most likely will not replace it when its gone

          BUT I use my big PC Tower box more - with a 20" Hanns:G fab monitor !

          I buy "Bare Bone" bundles from Novatech and upgrade the inside of my "Tower Box" - (recycle!) - Novatech can do this for you , if you like ! to your spec! BUT its not difficult - goes together a bit like LEGO THESE DAYS !

          My spec is always the same: Highest spec of all the bits + MAX RAM for photography downloading and editing ... and 2 x Internal Hard Drives C: and D: then 2 x Maxtor external 250 Gb drives

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            Re: New Laptop

            I had a top of the range Toshiba 17" screen laptop (Qosmio) and had nothing but troubles with it, mostly with the graphics card. Twice it went for repairs and twice it worked for a few months then failed again.

            Personally, I now buy from Dell. They may well be a bit more expensive than other manufacturers but their machines are well built and, most importantly, their customer service is top notch, even when the machine is out of warranty.


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              Re: New Laptop

              I was a senior IT manager, and used to build my own. Now I'm retired from that game, I retired from building my own! I bought a mid-range Dell Inspiron for about 450 (ex monitor) with an i3 cpu over a year ago, had it maxed out with memory - 8Gb was the m/b maximum, and it's been trouble-free ever since. And it's nice and quiet!

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