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Olympus IS-3000 Part 2 - Photos

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  • Olympus IS-3000 Part 2 - Photos

    Following on from my post about my 'new' Nineties wonder machine Olympus IS-3000, I've now put a couple of rolls of film through it. The first wasn't a great success, the expired Kodak Gold Ultra was obviously way past its best. The second roll was Agfa Vista 200 and that one came out OK.

    These were taken at Brackla Fun Day in Bridgend last weekend.

    There were all sorts of critters with which people could get up close and personal - but having the zoom I didn't need to get too close!

    35mm is the widest the lens will go without an add-on converter, but still pretty useful when you want to get a wide-ish shot.

    The auto-focus can be a bit hit or miss, but mostly it does the job pretty well


    E-M5, 20mm/1.7, 45mm/1.8
    OM-1N, OM-10, OM-4ti, 24mm/2.8, 50mm/1.8, 85mm/2, Tamron 70-210mm/3.5 | flickr | tumblr