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Olympus 40 - 150 Pro Lens Hood just fell apart

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    Re: Olympus 40 - 150 Pro Lens Hood just fell apart

    Mines still ok bought with extender when first introduced. Just wished my 300pro had such an easy going hood always struggled with it.
    Kind regards Mike


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      Re: Olympus 40 - 150 Pro Lens Hood just fell apart

      I noticed the lens hood metal ring was starting to come away today so I decided to look closer & apparently it is just glued on with a silicon glue, so that is what I will do (after I've been to pick up some from the hardware store) by applying it carefully with a toothpick or an extra small nozzle. The glue is left on the metal but I think it had been applied to the plastic areas between the latching positions, on the outer edge. I'll carefully remove the glue on the metal ring first (so if it comes off again it will look similar to new, hopefully). While I could use a gel superglue I feel it is best to use a glue that can be separated should it be necessary (like it is with hide glue for violins).

      K7319298 by Ross, on Flickr

      K7319296 by Ross, on Flickr

      The glue that came out was grey & I found this Selleys glue that looked fine for the job (cleans up with acetone or turps & gives off methanol during curing) & so it is now repaired. Maybe similar to Tarzan's Grip.

      K7319299-cr by Ross, on Flickr K7319304-cr by Ross, on Flickr

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        Re: Olympus 40 - 150 Pro Lens Hood just fell apart

        I'm getting the feeling a lot of this Olympus Pro stuff might be held together with silicone glue after my 300 F4 fell apart. The Olympus original glue certainly doesn't seem to have the Tarzan grip!