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Pferd + Jagd Exhibition with SMC-K 50/1.2

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  • Pferd + Jagd Exhibition with SMC-K 50/1.2

    Went to the Pferd & Jagd (Horse & Hunting) exhibition in Hannover today, which is probably one of the biggest of it's kind, at least in central Europe!? It is always a stressful thing for me, because there are just so many many people around. Unbeliveable! Anyways, it is not to far away for us and we had two tickets for free, so the family and I went, despite not having the need or a big shopping list.
    There is rather bad lighting in them big exhibition halls so I fitted the E-30 with my Pentax SMC-K 50mm F1.2 and took nothing else. Following are some impressions or rather some close ups (there was seldom space enough to step back) of things I had to take a snapshot of. All but one are @F1.2 and other then downsizing these are +/- OOC:


    Rubber whiskers for tying flies; fishing.


    Car in full Wetland camo.


    Lorenzo pipes, from which I took one for myself.


    ... and other pipes for sale.


    Eland, shoulder mount.


    Impala, full mount.


    Kudu, shoulder mount.


    Moose shoulder and Red Stag full mount.


    Life sized sculpture of Angela Merkel I only took a portrait of this impressive work, but questionable subject


    Life sized Horse and Jockey! Made from welded gears, springs and whatever. Really impressive "junk art". The prize tag of 27000EUR is not for everyone though.


    Stag made from "drift wood" - at least they say so. Very impressive too and a bit cheaper - just a couple thousand Euros.


    A rather nice Aviators couch table Last year, when I had no camera with me at all, this thing had already impressed me. Again a 27000EUR tag on this one - so it might be there to see next year as well ...!? [Taken with ZD17,5-45, which was handed down to my son but borrowed here because I needed some wider FOV.]


    Finaly just some glassy things, which always work nice with F1.2

    The SMC-K 50mm F1.2 has a very low ghosting - I mean - glowing tendency (@ F1.2 ) and CA's are not really and issue. Stepped down to F1.4 the contrast, sharpness etc. improve of course and at F2 it gets really sharp. I use it fully open or @F1.4 most of the time - thats the reason for having it, right!? Have taken quite a number of lovely portraits with it and can recommend it to everyone The creamy Bokeh is just so nice. I would love to show examples of my portrait work but that's nothing I feel comfortable with, I mean, posting other peoples faces.

    Hope you liked some of the views above. And if this encourages you to pull out some old glass, fine! I would really like to see more legacy glass threads in general. It all seems m4/3 bodies and lenses these days ...

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    Re: Pferd + Jagd Exhibition with SMC-K 50/1.2

    I really want that coffee table.
    It's the image that's important, not the tools used to make it.

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      Re: Pferd + Jagd Exhibition with SMC-K 50/1.2

      Me too that's brilliant.