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A Light Leak Problem Diagnosed

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  • A Light Leak Problem Diagnosed

    I have an A7R full frame camera which I rarely use. I have lenses in Nikon AI mount for which I have an adapter for AI to Sony E. It is relevant that I was shooting macro but not relevant that I was using this particular lens.

    I had noticed that the lens was a bit loose in the mount but proceeded with the shoot.

    I was working on a table. My Nissin flash units for the A7R were freestanding, one on either side of the lens, behind the front of the lens, such that this was not a flare problem from light shining on the front element. I started noticing lack of contrast and the curved shape at the top right.

    I was using the camera hand-held and shooting from a variety of angles while the flash guns were fairly static, giving variation in the effect.

    What was happening was that the spring in the mount was pushing one side of the lens forward and allowing light behind it. When I realised this I cured it by holding the lens tight against the mount by pressure from my supporting hand I now have a new mount!

    The images are uncropped and treated identically. I have remove some, but not all, sensor dust. (The good versions will be uploaded in a topic in the near future).

    I have chosen the example images for the way they demonstrate the light leak rather than for being what would otherwise have been good enough to post.

    I suspect that this would have been less easy to diagnose on a crop sensor, as the sharp, curved edge would have been outside the frame.

    I hope this helps someone.


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    Re: A Light Leak Problem Diagnosed

    Light leaks with film can look pretty cool, but digital looks bloody awful.

    I've been thinking of ways to flash the film edge prior to running it through the camera. I'm sure I'll come up with a Dragon Den's solution, then the villa in the sun.

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