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Filters affecting autofocus speed?

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  • Filters affecting autofocus speed?

    I never thought about the possibility that a simple UV filter can affect speed of autofocus but I discovered that it does - quite significantly so.

    When I bought the Sigma 30mm f1.4 DC DN a couple of years ago, I fitted a Hoya UV filter before I even used the lens - I have always used protective filters from my film days. When I started using the lens with my EM5II, I was struck by the apparent sluggishness of autofocus, contrary to what the lens' reviews claimed. I finally realised that the UV filter might be responsible and changed to a B+W XS Pro filter and - lo & behold - the autofocus speeded up dramatically, no difference in performance without a filter.

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      Re: Filters affecting autofocus speed?

      Initially fitted an inexpensive uv filter to my 300mm f4 pro. Felt the front element was too vulnerable to damage, at least until I'd gained confidence handling my new purchase.
      Glad I did various test shots with/without the filter, difference in image quality was dramatic and that filter won't get used again. B+W XS Pro are my usual choice but the M.ZUIKO PRF-ZD77 PRO protection filter was available at an extremely good price and that's what I have on the front of my lens, it's a top quality filter.
      Using the EM1-mk2, not noticed any issues with focussing speed/performance with the filter in place.