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Should I keep the 25mm

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  • Should I keep the 25mm

    Hi all just a bit of advise
    I've got the 14-42 EZ kit lens and the 14-150 f4-5.6
    Now my question is I also have the 17mm f1.8 which I love and the 25mm f1.8
    Should I get rid of the 25mm because it's close to the 17mm for a 35mm or a bit bigger lens
    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Should I keep the 25mm

    The 14-42 and the 14-150 are slow, but it depends on application of course.

    As far as I'm concerned the field of view of the 35mm and 50mm are sufficiently different for my type of photography. In u4/3 land I have the 15/1.7 and the 25/1.4 and the difference is unmistakable.

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      Re: Should I keep the 25mm

      Hello, and welcome to the Forum.


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        Re: Should I keep the 25mm

        I have found that my 25mm F1.8 is exceptionally sharp and the normal or slightly telephoto normal 50mm FOV is extremely useful as an all rounder. I would not hesitate to use the 50mm as a small lightweight single lens walk around option although I am more of a telephoto guy as opposed to a wide angler! Regards Tim


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          Re: Should I keep the 25mm

          Keep it, soon as its gone you will find that you want that focal length
          Plus it's going to be sharper than either of those two zoom lenses.

          Not going to get a fortune for it so why not keep it just in case


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            Re: Should I keep the 25mm

            Thanks for all the advise and you have made my mind up to keep it
            Thanks again


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              Re: Should I keep the 25mm

              a lot depends on what sorts of photography you do. If you want to capture moving subjects in poor light then 'fast' lenses are invaluable. I have the 17mm and 45mm f/1.8 lenses and use them both a lot. If you really want to 'lose' the 25mm then I think you'd find the 45mm would provide a greater difference from the 17mm at a very reasonable cost. On the other hand, why part with a good lens unless you really need the money?
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                Re: Should I keep the 25mm

                I have the EZ 14-42mm, 17mm f1.8, 25mm f1.7 (Panasonic) and 45mm f1.8.
                I have to admit that the 25mm and the 45mm very rarely end up on the camera.
                For general daylight photography the EZ is good and for lower light I tend to use the 17mm. If I'm only going out with one lens mounted then it's always the EZ or the 17mm.

                If you feel the 25mm is a bit close to the 17mm then look at the 45mm.
                It would be worth going through your favourite images and looking at what focal lengths you use most with the EZ. If you rarely zoom all the way in then there's probably no point in going with the 45mm. It's a great lens and cheap but if you don't use the focal length then what's the point?