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No panning Mode

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  • No panning Mode

    I was just wondering why Olympus lenses don't have a panning mode ,I use ibis all the time with my 300 pro for BIF and don't see a problem when panning .
    That said with My canon gear its recommended to turn horizontal IS off when panning .
    So does the Olympus know and allow for it ?


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    Re: No panning Mode

    I would have thought for any panning or intentional camera movement would require the IBIS to be turned off. They would work against each other logically......
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      Re: No panning Mode

      That is a good question Rob. According to the manual for the 300mm f4, when image stabilization is switched On 'the IS operates according to the IS setting in the camera'. The camera IBIS can be set to S-IS2 which 'applies only to vertical camera shake'. So in theory it sounds as if it should work. Whether that is better than switching stabilization off for panning, I don't know.



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        Re: No panning Mode

        Image stabilization is one of things Olympus do very well. They have thought about panning, check out the IS settings:

        S-IS2 Vertical Shake Image stabilization
        S-IS3 Horizontal Shake Image stabilization
        S-IS AUTO The camera detects the panning direction and applies the appropriate image stabilization


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          Re: No panning Mode

          Thanks for reply's ,I just checked and have S-IS auto set so I think it must be taking care of itself while taking BIF , as most birds fly across towards and up and down all at the same time .
          I do like to keep IS on because it helps keeping the bird in the view finder so a little easier to follow .



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