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Monitor Calibration Equipment

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  • Monitor Calibration Equipment


    I'm just wondering if you've thought about maybe getting a few Monitor calibration gadgets that could be put on the hires list?

    I've just bought a new monitor and its massively different from my old one so would like to calibrate it. Rather than buy one I thought I might be a good thing to offer for hire?

    Sorry if it sounds like a bad idea, think I'm just thinking aloud

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    Re: Monitor Calibration Equipment

    All the instructions for monitor calibration suggest that one should calibrate the monitor on a monthly basis. On that basis I think the cost of puchasing a calibration device outright would soon be overtaken in hire and postage fees if the devices were available to rent..
    This space for rent


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      Re: Monitor Calibration Equipment

      The monitor calibration equipment has a software component that needs to be installed and licensed as well as the calibration device.

      I suspect they'd sting Ian for a very expensive license fee, if they'd allow it at all.

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        Re: Monitor Calibration Equipment

        Ah very bad idea then lol

        In my ignorance I hadnt thought of how the device works and that software would need to be installed and also that a monitor would need calibrating monthly (do a monitor degrade over time?)

        Thanks for putting me right



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          Re: Monitor Calibration Equipment

          Just for the record, the monthly recalibrate was for CRT monitors, dunno about LCD.

          Also, as of a couple of years ago, a basic Spyder has free software - the upgrade to more functionality is a software thing, the hardware is the same. The basic software is just fine - the upgrade is for pro setups really.

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