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Welcome to the Dealers' Den board

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  • Welcome to the Dealers' Den board

    The idea behind this new part of the e-group forum has been aired on the site in the past. Basically, this is the place to discuss dealer-specific issues. And the hope is that dealers will find this board a resource of value and possibly join in any discussions where appropriate. We will be contacting the better known Olympus dealers to let them know about the Dealers' Den, but after that it's up to them to decide whether or not to sign up to the forum and participate here. They may feel it's a poisoned chalice!

    But Jessops' online team have been on the forum to solve problems and I think that went down well.

    The Den is not to be used for advertising by dealers, although I don't mingd them pointing out special deals in response to related posts. Store events - we already publicise those we know about on the site calendar of events, so it's fine for delears to promote those here.

    I don't want to see any slagging off of dealers - we have done well to maintain polite and civil posting, even when annoyed or angry about things!

    I am regarding this as an experiment to a degree, so let's just see how things pan out

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    Re: Welcome to the Dealers' Den board

    Here Here

    I just wanted to be first at something

    OM-D E-M5 mk2, m12-40mm f2.8, m25mm f1.8, m45mm f1.8, m60mm f2.8 Macro, M14‑150mm 1:4-5.6 II, M75-300mm MK2, Samyang 7.5mm f/3.5 fisheye


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      Re: Welcome to the Dealers' Den board

      Ah! The eternal number 2!

      A good idea, by the way!


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        Re: Welcome to the Dealers' Den board

        Third on two monthly challenges this year and third on this thread. I am consistant at least!

        To see what is in front of one's nose requires constant struggle.


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          Re: Welcome to the Dealers' Den board

          Question: Would one be authorised to post saying what they are after (i.e. a specific lens) in here, so see if one of the other members is selling, or even sell their own gear on here?

          Thanks in advance.


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            Re: Welcome to the Dealers' Den board

            Telhinhas - this section is intended for discussion about commercial dealers. There is a separate section for private wants and sales - . It is quite lively and probably among the best ways of finding what you want.