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I have a E-410 and want a E620

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  • I have a E-410 and want a E620

    Hi, new here, I have a E-410 and I'm looking at getting another one, I have read about the E-620 and about the E-30, E-3.
    Which one would be best to get as I'm still very new to this, but would like a better one then the one I have.
    Also If I did change my camera, would the lens that I have now, fit all the ones above?

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    Re: I have a E-410 and want a E620

    If you need weather proof for what you do with a camera, then the king of the plie is the E-3, it's a bit of a brute of a camera, many shy away from its heft and lack of entry-level/consumer ease of use and handling features and to be overall weather proof you'd need weather proof lenses too. That all comes out of Oly's "pro" range and while it is all good value comapared to other brands, its still a significant investment to make.

    Both the E30 or E620 are surefire winners given how Olympus dSLR range has been evolving this past couple of years, but you would need to handle both of them for yourself to see which felt right to you, its very personal. Functionally the E30 is stronger, but it is a bigger camera that what you're used to. The E620 is a nice step up for an E410 user. It has image stabilisation, art filters, aricultating screen, vastly improved live view, more resolution and it has more of a grip and so is steadier in your hand.

    If you went for the E30, keeping the E410 would make sense if you wanted to have the option of a smaller camera for times when you want to travel light, but if you went for the E620, its only marginally larger/heavier than the E410 so it would really make it redundant other than for being a backup should your main body be out of action. All your lenses would work on any of these cameras.

    To be honest, if you've been happy with the way your E410 works and handles, but want the very best that size of camera can provide, one that has all the new features, the E620 is compelling and is quite a lot less money than the E30 and you would probably find that if your E410 is in good condition you could get something for it that would part pay for an extra lens. Also, don't discount the E520, stonking value as it is now over shaddowed by the E620.
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      Re: I have a E-410 and want a E620

      Hi and welcome!
      To answer your second question first, yes your lenses which you use on the E-410 will fit any other E series camera.
      As regards your main question, I think you need to ask yourself why you want to upgrade.
      Do you want image stabilisation built-in? Then any of the current E series cameras except E-410/420 will suffice.
      Otherwise, when you say "better" - in what way? We need to know your current level of expertise and obviously your budget!
      The E-410 really offers little less than any of the other cameras in broad terms except for IS - it's just the way other models do different things.
      Weight is an obvious consideration - if you intend to do a lot of hiking but don't plan on exposing your camera to bad weather conditions ( a bit of a contradiction in terms!) then the E-3 may be an overkill.
      Best thing if you can is to find a dealers with all the bodies in stock and see which one you feel happiest handling - they will all take the same photos, it's mainly the guy or girl behind the lens who makes all the difference!

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        Re: I have a E-410 and want a E620

        There is little I can add too what's already been posted, but I had the E-620 to play with for a couple of hours and it really is a super camera.

        I stronly recommend that you go to a shop and ask for an extended demo. They really are desperate for sales so are open to having people try before they buy.

        Don't forget to let us know how you get on with this and show us the results...


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          Re: I have a E-410 and want a E620

          Originally posted by StephenL View Post
          it's mainly the guy or girl behind the lens who makes all the difference!
          Damn............................I was wondering what was wrong with my camera!