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Getting to know my E520

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  • Getting to know my E520 day on, still ain't taken a single shot yet (it's widdlin' down !!)

    However I'm getting acquainted with it and I'm mighty impressed with the Scene Modes on offer. Anyone here just simply use THEM ???? - and what parameters are still user adjustable if you do use them.

    More intelligent questions will may have guessed I didn't get a user manual and (as a misplaced Scotsman) I'm reluctant to print the 140 odd pages on offer ! It DOES seem a very intuitive little cracker......

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    Re: Getting to know my E520

    Download a PDF version and read it on screen.
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      Re: Getting to know my E520

      This is the site I use for manual downloads from Olympus

      (reading the original question again: I guess you already have a copy of the manual that you can read on the screen. Sorry)
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        Re: Getting to know my E520

        You can easily buy a printed version of the manual on Ebay.
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          Re: Getting to know my E520

          This could be worth a look:

          Most will apply to your e-520 as written. I certainly found it useful when I was setting up mine in the past.



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            Re: Getting to know my E520

            I've had an e520 for a couple of years now, and I've never used any of the Scene Modes!

            As said in the first post, it is a very intuitive little camera...Rob's link is also very useful.

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              Re: Getting to know my E520

              All done now - as with most manuals, there are about 5 pages which are MUST READS and the rest (now nestling on my hard drive) are a 'need to know'.

              Regarding the Scene Modes, I pilfered the info I needed from Landscape and Moving, then changed to A priority - then saved the two I REALLY wanted to RESET 1 and 2. Both are now 'tweakable' for differing shot scenarios.

              Thanks to everyone who had an input....


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                Re: Getting to know my E520

                I've had an E-520 for a number of years, bought soon after launch. It came with a quite a good user manual which nowadays they don't seem to provide.

                My last Oly was the XZ-1 that came with a comprehensive .pdf manual on CD.

                Afterthought: I seldom use the E-520 any more since I bought an E-3, but the E-520 does take superb images, and you will be well pleased with it.
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                  Re: Getting to know my E520

                  I have an E-520 and just love it. I know I could upgrade, but it suits me just fine at the moment. You will love yours too. Light and forgiving!
                  I confess I don't use the Scene Modes much except the Sunset, which I find useful at times. Mine lives on Aperture Priority most of the time.
                  Try and get your hands on a printed Manual, it would be the only Manual that I have ever been supplied with, with anything, that I have actually READ!


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                    Re: Getting to know my E520

                    May I suggest you look in 2nd hand books on the net? Lots of excellent guide books for the various models to be found there.
                    The picture tells the story, great when you have a bad memory.DW.


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                      Re: Getting to know my E520

                      The E-520 is a fantastic first cam! It was mine too and I loved every bit of it. Sadly I am selling it now.

                      If you could not find a soft copy of the manual, PM me and I will try to locate the one I had.