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E-410 kit prices

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  • E-410 kit prices


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      Re: E-410 kit prices

      Having IS in the E-510 is a significant advantage over the E-410 in my book.

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        Re: E-410 kit prices

        I'd also say the IS is a huge bonus on the E-5xx series - I also find the E-4xx series too small to be comfortable in the hand, especially if you put anything other than a lightweight kit lens on it. It would probably be ideal with a pancake lens on it, but there goes your versatility for the sake of size.


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          Re: E-410 kit prices

          A good place to start checking prices is this site It doesn't list all retailers, but gives a good guide to the high/low range.

          I've got an E400, which I love. I love the shape, 'ergonomics', the lot and I've got big hands. But I'd like it to have IS, which wasn't available two years ago.

          If I was buying now and prices were similar it's a tough call, but I think I'd probably go for the E5XX even though it's bigger and heavier.

          Check Argos and also big stores like John Lewis or Debenhams, you might be surprised by their prices. Don't forget LCE too. January sales might be rather good
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