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indoor pics using flash

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  • indoor pics using flash

    I am trying to get good pictures on my E410 using a flash indoors.I have tried the Auto settings but the pics always seem dark.Can anyone advise me on manual setting please
    indoor / artificial lighting / not bright indoors


    russ t

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    Re: indoor pics using flash

    Flash in any setting depends a lot on what the subject is and what surfaces are around it.

    As with all light if you have light coloured subject/surfaces you get reflections and dark ones absorb the light. All very obvious, I know, but if the camera is measuring for exposure of a light area the rest will look dark and viceversa.

    You have to assess the scene, try a shot and adjust accordingly.

    Automation can help but there is no substitute for knowledge and by trying things out (read a few online tutorials) you will soon gain that knowledge and experience.

    You will also have fun in the process and it's far more rewarding doing it yourself


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      Re: indoor pics using flash

      When I use flash indoors, I stick to a simple method:

      Camera on Manual. Shutter at 1/60th. Aperture at (say) f5.6 ISO at (say) 200

      Now I plant my old Nikon SB28 flash on the top of the camera and set that to ISO200 and f5.6 "auto" mode. Point it at the ceiling so I get nice diffuse bounce flash. I am impressed by how often this combination gets a fair result.

      If I want more of the house lighting compared to flash, I might extend the shutter to 1/30th

      This is my only indoor method - I don't use the on-camera flash because it won't bounce, and I dont have one of those fancy TTL flashguns

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        Re: indoor pics using flash

        if you post an example and full exif it would help to understand what is actually influencing your outcome

        it could be a number of things - a lot of things - different things

        as an example it could simply be your on camera flash has no more power to give rather than any complicated settings (although the solution to this may involve settings....)
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