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E30 worthwhile step up ????

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    Re: E30 worthwhile step up ????

    I'm sure the E-30 will be great.

    As to E-5xx's, does anyone want to fight my E-500?

    These were taken at a family Do a few weeks ago before I got the E-M1 and while my E-3 was in for service...

    James, Rebecca, Liam, and Robin by Maeglin Elanesse, on Flickr

    massive by Maeglin Elanesse, on Flickr

    These resized pics don't reflect the quality of the original images by the way.


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      Re: E30 worthwhile step up ????

      Originally posted by Phil Angel View Post
      hi folks,
      I would love to upgrade to the new omd-e1, but it is beyond my bank balance at the moment .
      Originally posted by Phil Angel View Post
      However.......I have seen a second hand e30 in our local cash converters for a very low price.
      Is this camera a worthwhile step up from my lovely E520, or should I wait and save for a newer model ?
      I started out with an E510 (great camera), then went to an E620 (never really got on with it for some reason), and finally to the E30 that I have now. I definitely don't regret the upgrade. The E30 just feels like such a more 'pro' piece of kit. As someone said, the viewfinder is better, the speed of operation and focussing seems quicker, and the buttons & dials are better.
      Picture quality wise there are still some noise issues at higher ISOs - but I can't really remember how this compares to the E510.
      But overall I would say the E30 images are better than the other two cameras.

      Just out of interest how much did you see the E30 up for?

      Good luck with your decision making!

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        Re: E30 worthwhile step up ????

        thank you everyone who took the time to reply to my request for advice on the E30.
        I went back to look at it in detail today and was disapointed to find it had a few problems.

        1. the screen went blank when rotated to certain angles !
        2. The memory card door was broken.
        3. the lens mount felt sloppy/lose.

        However I loved the way it handled and felt well balanced with my 70-300 fitted.

        So I will keep looking to find a nice example somewhere else.


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          Re: E30 worthwhile step up ????

          Hi Phil,

          Have just put my E30 up for sale on this forum. Have used it for nearly four years and taken just short of 12000 photos. Really enjoyed it but have broken the bank by buying an E5. It's as new and if you're interested get in touch. I have some photos of it I can email.



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            Re: E30 worthwhile step up ????

            I've got north of 60k exposures on my E30. Great camera and hard to beat in terms of price/performance ratio. Extremely fast autofocus with the 12-60, which is an extremely good all-around lens. Handled the 70-300 wonderfully for aviation photography, the top speed of 1/8000th of a second was excellent. I could get around 20 JPEGs at full speed before the buffer filled and dropped to around 1 frame a second for as long as I held the shutter down. In conjunction with the battery grip (non-Olympus) I routinely get more than 1800 shutter releases with the 2 batteries.

            It's really a great camera. Hi ISO is indeed weak, reflecting the sensor and processor of the day. The upper plate LCD is a very useful tool. Great viewfinder as well, not quite the E3/E5, but one heck of a lot better than the tunnel of the E510, my first Oly DSLR.


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              Re: E30 worthwhile step up ????

              I use it as my "paddock camera" it goes everywhere, I bought it second hand, and has never let me down...
              E620, E30, OM4-Ti OM-D1... Canon 7D and 5Dmiii
              lenses 14-42mm, 40-150mm, 50mm, 18-180mm, 70-300mm, ec-14 still looking for a Bigma (Canon 17-55mm, 70-300mm and 100-400L)
              FL 50R and Hahnel remote (Canon and Olympus)