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E-3 focus question

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  • E-3 focus question

    Has anybody had a focussing problems with E-3 and 12-60mm SWD? I have recently found instances where it will not lock focus on static subjects, it may well be where there is a lack of contrast as using a single locked focus point (usually the centre) and moving the camera around slightly will suddenly re-focus and lock suggesting the cross sensor is now happy and locks on. I wondered if it was a lens or camera firmware issue but both have been updated and it still happens. Using the E-3 with the 50mm or a mk1 15-54mm the problem doesn't appear. As with all things there is a work around but it'd be good to know why (and 'yes', all the contacts have been cleaned ;-).
    My greatest fear is after I am gone my wife will sell my 'toys' for what I told her I paid for them!

    OM-1n with 28, 50, 100 & T32, E-10 (now deceased), E-1, E-3, EOS1ds mk2 with L glass, Fujifilm X100T