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Tip - Comparing adn review images

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  • Tip - Comparing adn review images

    No 1:
    When reviewing an image (in your chosen mode, eg flashing highlights), view a 'pick', then hit the AF point button (...), this will view it '2-up' with the next image, the 'candidate'. Then use the 4 way controller to change the second image to others. Useful if comparing critical focus between multiple shots, or whether eyes are open for example.

    You can zoom in the normal way and it will affect both images. By hitting Fn, or Info, you can select either just the 'candidate' or both images and move around them.

    I don't see myself using this much, but might be a help if you need to free up space on the CF card and want to do a thorough review of images.

    No 2:
    Hitting AEL/AFL in playback will lock an image against accidental deletion etc.

    No 3:
    Hitting AF (aka Copy in green writing) in playback will copy the current image to the xD card. If you want to copy multiple images, review them and hit OK, a red square and tick will be shown. Do this for all images you want, then hit AF/Copy.

    No 4:
    Hitting +/- during playback will manually rotate images (once for everytime you press it)


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    Re: Tip - Comparing adn review images

    You would think I could type and use proper english for the title atleast...


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      Re: Tip - Comparing adn review images

      I just thought you were practicing your Esperanto.