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  • User news?

    Nothing seems to happen much in this section. Is it because everyone is very satisfied with their Pen F so no need to moan about it, everyone out using it or has everyone sold theirs?

    I have noticed a lot for sale on the internet sites which is unusual in just about a year since it's release.

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    Re: User news?

    I like mine, its a bit different with its menus but its a great camera


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      Re: User news?

      I also like mine

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        Re: User news?

        Me too! I did sort of hear a while back that there was a FW upgrade coming that would push the Pen F more into EM1 Mk 2 territory.................
        Bring it on!

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          Re: User news?

          I think it's fair to say it fits in a bit of a niche market and is somewhat overshadowed by the latest O-MD models, but if I was in a position to upgrade my E-M5 I'd be taking a serious look at it. I know Paul Kaye is getting great results from his,, but then he would with any camera!

          "A hundredth of a second here, a hundredth of a second there � even if you put them end to end, they still only add up to one, two, perhaps three seconds, snatched from eternity." ~ Robert Doisneau


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            Re: User news?

            I'm very happy with mine. It's let me do some street photography and with the 17mm lens you can just stick it in a (reasonably capacious) pocket.


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              Re: User news?

              Thanks everyone for your positive comments. I may just have to sell one of my EM-1 bodies to make room for the Pen-F and give it a try. My health problems may lead me back to street photography away from natural history, which is my first passion, thus my interest!