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Very Nice Camera

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  • Very Nice Camera

    I have just picked up one these at a great price of $394 aus
    Very solid build like my ep3 tilting screen works very well
    Has all the features I require in a camera and are quite easy to access even though it has only one ,very solid, dial.
    It will replace my E5 as a backup for the EM1 until the new EM is released.
    Image quality seems on par with the EM1 with the same lens.
    I am very impressed with how much camera Olympus gives for the money
    If you are looking for a quality compact have a look at the EPL7

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    Re: Very Nice Camera

    I liked the E-PL3, but found the shutter release a bit inclined to induce shake when I had the 40-150 on it. Too long a travel

    About the same time as you bought yours, John, I bought my E-PL7 off a certain auction website, on a 'Buy It Now' for 259; it was advertised as only 1200 frames.

    When I got it, it was as new. It had all paperwork with it; it was only two months old, unmarked, CD, box, everything. (Body only) I looked at the shutter count, and it was under 1200. The seller said he had tried it, liked it, and now wanted a M5 MkII.

    I've been delighted with it. The shutter release is incredibly smooth, picture quality at least as good as the M5 MkI, and I had a viewfinder for it anyway, which I had bought for the E-PL3. I use it far more than the M5 now; it's light, compact, and easy to carry anywhere. I have thought of changing the M5 for an E-M1 MkI, but I don't do the bird photography now, so I haven't bothered. What I would REALLY like is a Pen F... but I only need to win some dosh to fulfill that dream.......