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    Re: 3rd party lenses

    I do. As do many others I believe.

    Actually I use my MF lenses more than my AF ones.

    I currently collect OM Zuiko lenses and M42 made in DDR and Soviet Union.

    The only really useful advice I can give you is that manual focusing requires practice. A lot of it...
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      Re: 3rd party lenses

      Ah yes. Iv'e tried loads of legacy lenses in the past. Let me see: Hexanon 28mm 40mm* 50mm, Tamron 90mm* 135mm and 200mm, Nikon E series 50mm and 100mm* Vivitar 28mm f2.0 made by Tokina* and Kiron. Tamron 35-80 and 35-70 zooms.

      I eventually sold all my manual lenses as I couldn't get the focus nailed with my E510 and E620. It's a whole lot easier with a Pen camera however. Currently I just have an Industar 50 (a copy of the original Tessar design dating from 1898 or so) and a Vivitar 200mm f3.5

      I suggest you buy and try some cheap lenses. Use aperture priority. Focus wide open then stop the aperture down to your preferred number.

      Most old lenses look pretty good by the time you stop down to f8. Most look poor to very poor wide open, however there are some rare exceptions. Those on my list marked with a * turn in a good performace wide open, and the Tamron SP90 is just plain exceptional.

      Unfortunately you get what you pay for, the good lenses are known about and fetch high prices. I'd suggest the Nikon E 100mm as a sleeper, that hasn't become a cult classic yet, however you'd need another adapter.

      Hope that helps


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        Re: 3rd party lenses

        As an OM system user for over 30 years I've got a dozen or so OM primes and just found a deal on a Samyang 85mm f1.4 so I use legacy/manual focus lenses as much as my HG and SHG glass.

        If I like the 85mm I may pick up the 24mm f1.4 and 35mm f1.4 and put together a set of MF primes based around the Samyangs and my OM primes.

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          Re: 3rd party lenses

          m4/3 cameras are just made for manual lenses. So much more fun than plain old automatics! My 2 current favourites are Pete's old Tamron SP90, and a Voigtlander 75mm. The OM 28mm and 50mm are pretty good too.

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            Re: 3rd party lenses

            I'm another manual lens user,

            I use my old Panasonic DMC-L1 mainly, because it has a focus confirm light without having to buy any technical adaptors.

            Unfortunately this means I haven't been able to try out more of my Leica M Summicrons that I own yet. Although I'm now considering buying an EP3, as it would mean I gain some excellent new manual lenses to use, including a lovely little Voigtlander 15mm wide angle lens.

            With my bigger lenses my Leica R 50mm Summicron and my Nikon 85mm stand out as fantastic lenses.


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              Re: 3rd party lenses

              I'm not m4/3, but I use several old and wonderful m42 mount lenses on my e520 with an adapter.

              My favourite is a Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar 85mm lens...m42 mount, converted from Contax...made in 1949 and produces simply stunning results when I get it right...this is SOOC, with absolutely no editing. As this was my first attempt at using this lens, I was delighted with the result.

              It's a real pleasure to use, and I'm SO glad that I was able to stop my friend selling it for a tenner as part of a job lot at a car boot sale after finding his dad's old camera gear in his attic!

              Weird coincidence, but I approached a camera shop in Manchester with a view to getting it looked over and serviced...I've since discovered that the guy who responded is the guy who originally owned it!

              I also have a CJZ Sonnar 135mm lens which is pretty good, and a delightful little Steinheil Munchen Cassar S 50mm lens which is as sharp as a pin and an absolute pleasure to use...and so very tiny!

              I really love using these MF lenses, and it's SO easy with Olympus!

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                Re: 3rd party lenses

                I used Contax G lenses on my E-pl1 body, they are great! small and sharp image.
                The only non-ideal thing is that I can not use the 21mm and 28mm as the rear group is too long for the M4/3 body, and I need to face the 2X issue.


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                  Re: 3rd party lenses

                  The best thing of Oly vs Panasonic body is that Oly makes all your old MF lenses anti-shake!


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                    Re: 3rd party lenses

                    Here is an image of a 20 million year old ant encased in amber taken with a Canon FD lens (50mm f1.8) on extension tubes