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E-P1 remote trigger capability

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  • E-P1 remote trigger capability

    I've been asked this question by a hovering but potential Pen owner.

    'Can you use an E-P1 with a remote trigger (for strobes etc).'

    I said I hadn't a clue but I knew some experts who would - so over to you guys!

    Thank you gents

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    Re: E-P1 remote trigger capability

    The E-P1 (and E-P2) are not capable of controlling and firing remote flash units using the Olympus FL-xxR protocol because it does not have a built in flash of its own. But you can fit a flash to its hot shoe and slave a remote flash in the simplest sense.

    All other Pens, including the new E-PL3 that does not have a built in flash can remote control an FL-xxR flash - the E-PL3 is included with an external flash that will act as the controller thanks to its connectivity to the Accessory Port 2 connector below and behind the hot shoe.

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      Re: E-P1 remote trigger capability

      You could also use wireless triggers such as the cheap eBay PT-04 triggers from the Far East or the more reliable (but substantially more expensive) triggers such as Pocket Wizards or Alien Bees.

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