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E-M5 shutter stuck

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  • E-M5 shutter stuck

    So my beloved E-M5 just stopped working. In 2015 the shutter started doing the thing where fast shutter speeds weren't timing properly so Olympus fitted a new shutter. 2 years later and 10k shots and the camera won't turn on and the shutter is stuck closed. I have tried tapping it - nothing. Tried cleaning the contacts - nothing.

    The weird thing is the screen is dead toounless the battery runs out in which case the usual batter red flashing sign comes up. It's very weird.

    The only other thing is if you hold ok down the af assist light flashes.

    Has anyone else experienced this - I am guessing Olympus won't warranty it as they did the new shutter in 2015 although 2 years and 10k shots seems pretty poor to me!
    om-d e-m5, 17mm f1.8, 25mm f1.8, 45mm f1.8

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    Re: E-M5 shutter stuck

    Sorry to hear this.

    The technical term for this, it's Fuuked. Trip to Portugal will make it happier, I'm sure.

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      Re: E-M5 shutter stuck

      Contact Olympus support anyway and explain the situation; they may fix it as a goodwill gesture.