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E-M5 and moving subjects?

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  • E-M5 and moving subjects?

    After my son stopped playing junior rugby couple of years ago and my role as match day snapper ended, my E-3/SWD outfit seemed heavy, big and expensive in relation to what I wanted a camera for (holiday/family/dog walks etc.). It didn't do video either.

    So I ended up non-Oly with an entry/mid dSLR and a group of compact/light lenses from 18mm to 250mm, although an 18-135mm is on it most of the time. It's nowhere near the E-3/SWD, but it's good enough, ticks my boxes and produces pleasing results. Thing is, I've never really loved using it, I find it utilitarian and well, plastic. I would rather be using Olympus.

    I still stalk this site and have put an E-P3 and now of course the E-M5 into my basket on SRS many times. The E-M5 doesnt come cheap and I wish it had an onboard flash, but I mainly hesitate due to doubts about getting shots of running dogs, active children, landing ducks etc, often at tele distances. My experience with an E-P1 plus reviews of the E-M5 suggest that it could be a retrograde step in that department compared to the dSLR I have, not in the continuous frames performance (it's plenty fast), but with continuous focus and also the way a live view system works compared to a mirror and optical view finder on a traditional dSLR when being used that way.

    Now that a few of you have been using the E-M5 for a little while, I was wondering what you think and whether you're using it for shooting moving subjects and being successful?
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    Re: E-M5 and moving subjects?

    To tell the truth, not a right lot moves around here. I've got a few shots of Dibnah, the Jack Russell, running on the beach but that's about it. Mostly I've used it for landscapes.

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      Re: E-M5 and moving subjects?

      I don't think i have fast enough reactions to shoot much action myself but a few people have been trying it out and there have been one or two quite detailed posts on DPReview on C-AF which sound fairly encouraging. At any rate, with the super speed burst mode even S-AF gives a decent chance of some good shots. Doing a 5 stop bracket more or less sounds a like a single exposure!