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Help! Problems with new MkII

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  • Help! Problems with new MkII

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    Re: Help! Problems with new MkII

    Originally posted by cOMpact View Post
    Have just changed MkI for MkII and this not going well. Can someone tell me if the following are normal?

    SCP only stays visible for a second

    When I press the shutter halfway there is a whirring noise - don’t remember this with the MkI

    Nothing in viewfinder when screen is open

    Nothing appears on the screen until I press the shutter a bit - pressing OK, info or menu does nothing.

    Probably missing something basic but would appreciate and help offer.


    Have you checked if "Quick Sleep Mode" is ON ?
    Go to Menu Cog J2 (The default setting = OFF)

    Also review the "Control Settings" for PASM (or whatever shooting mode you use) and ensure that the SCP option is 'ticked'.
    Go to Menu Cog D1.

    Some slight whirring noise originating from the IS mechanism is normal and will occur whilst the Shutter release is half pressed if...
    "Half Way Release With IS" is ON.
    Go to Menu Cog C2

    Hope this helps.
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      Re: Help! Problems with new MkII

      An afterthought...
      If this problem is related to "Quick Sleep Mode" note that if you were trying to use Custom Mode C3 for shooting - then the default settings for this mode include Quick Sleep Mode = ON


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        Re: Help! Problems with new MkII

        Thanks Chris

        Quick Sleep Mode was in K on mine - other tips worked fine as well.

        I hope you were going to tell me these tips were from your recent book and where I could buy a copy.

        Many thanks

        I shall probably be back......


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          Re: Help! Problems with new MkII

          Viewer 3 will not install - message says failed because no software to install(?).

          Is it worth bothering with anyway as I already use Aperture?



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            Re: Help! Problems with new MkII

            Phil, happened to me too. New CD from camera box, recent install of MacOS Sierra. Got same message. Fixed it by downloading Viewer 3 from Oly website and it installed fine. Worth it? Dunno, not tried yet. Still getting used to Photos app having used Aperture for a few tears. Changed from Aperture cos Apple have given up on it.


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              Re: Help! Problems with new MkII

              Viewer 3 is well worth having as the RAW converter is always the latest version available for any firmware and/or cameras. Plus the updates is available from it as well.

              It's also as good as most processing s/ware for simple edits.

              We often repeat the mistakes we most enjoy...


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                Re: Help! Problems with new MkII

                Thanks chaps

                Will try downloading it from Olympus route. Stick with Aperture because I like the library aspect and for the limited processing I do it is fine. Long term will probably be problematic as no updates now (will it even accept MkII RAW files?). Not keen on Photos. Good point about the RAW converter so will add Viewer and see how we go.