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E-M1X Terrific Red Kite Images

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    Re: E-M1X Terrific Red Kite Images

    Originally posted by Jim Ford View Post
    Red kites haven't spread significantly into Hampshire yet, have they Mark, in spite of the New Forest for nesting sites. Seems to be much the same for Kent.

    There are loads around my area of N Hampshire I can sit in the garden and see them guite clearly their that low, buzzards as well.
    Kind regards Mike


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      Re: E-M1X Terrific Red Kite Images

      Originally posted by Tordan58 View Post

      Red Kites have a preference for semi-wooded hilly landscape with a mix of pasture land and wood patches. They feed mainly on carrion, rodents, worms will also do. Best opportunity to see them really close is to be at the right time when a meadow is being mowed, which usually takes place late May/early June a bit depending on the latitude.
      Interesting. I find it's hard to get close to them when they are on the ground, they are fairly wary. But on a gentle slope, they cruise buy soaring the ridge lift, and get quite close as it's their natural environment. On a paraglider, they treat you as one of the gang in ridge lift and thermals, but hard to get telephoto shots then!